J'ai acheté ce logiciel et je ne peux pas activer la license key. J'ai contacté le support et toujours pas de réponse de leur part.
Pourtant il est bien compatible avec P3D ?
Salut, oui il est compatible P3D a en lire le forum Pro ATC X, attends la réponse du support.
J'ai reçu une réponse du support, tout fonctionne à  nouveau.
La nouvelle version V1.8.1.5 est sortie hier

- You may now add additional airlines to the database (Data->Airlines).
Airlines not having an accordinateurng sound file in a specific voice folder will be called by the three letter code (ICAO).

- Radar Control is now assigning the expected STAR/STAR Transition 30 NM before reaching the route exit waypoint.
- Hand over to Approach Control happens when altitude below FL140 and assigned altitude at or below FL120 or the
distance to the last STAR waypoint < 25 NM

Assigned SID/STAR/Approach procedures
- PRO-ATC/X looks first if there is a SID procedure available, which ends at the first route waypoint. If it
dsnt find an'y procedure, it is now looking for a procedure fitting to the route planned. Same with STARs:
the first step is to find a STAR beginning at the last route waypoint. If not found, itll look for a fitting
STAR/Approach. How ever, even vectored departures and approached are now much better calculated.

- ˜Expect alt x 10 minutes after departure now assigns the cruising altitude as in real life.
- SIDs requ'ested not having the same transition as the actual assigned can now be requ'ested. The transition waypoints
will be removed if the requ'ested SID dsnt have the same transition!

Data -> Aircraft
- Max t'ailwind/Crosswind are now referencing the aircraft and not an'ymore the runway. To adjust simply edit
the values under Data->Aircraft->Aircraft Det'ails.

Data -> Airports
- There is a new option: DATA > AIRPORTS > IMPORT AIRPORT. This allows airports not defined by AIRAC data to be
imported into the database.
- Added the option "Prefer when wind at or below 5 Kts" to runways (default values are 10 Kts for t'ailwind and 35 Kts for crosswind).
Please note that the option "Use the runway assigned for AI" has a higher priorit'y!

- TOD moved foreward

Flight Plan Information
- Transponder Code is now displayed
- Cruising altitude is replaced by Altitude to set .
- Transition Altitude and Level are now displayed on the same item as œTransition Altitude/Level separated by œ/.
- Current frequency now displayed in the In-flight Menu. For users who use full screen or do not use the moving map.

Flight Planning Window
- SID/SID-Transition and STAR/STAR-Transition are removed from the flight planning window. Users expected exactly the
procedure selected to be assigned but thats up to the controllers, additionally it is weather dependent.

Flight Situation used
- In case you have FSX/FSX-SE and P3D installed at the same time, you may now select the simulation you want to fly
So no need to open the Options window.
- Additionally you may save paths for FSX/FSX-SE and P3D separately.

Fly Now
- The options on the screen when you fly now has also changed. Hopefully it is very eas'y to understand the options.
If you tick the correct ones then once you have received clearance the flight plan will be auto loaded into the
SIM; Handy for weather programs that need a FP.

FMC Flight Plans
- All FMC Flight Plans are now saved to ICAO-Departure + ICAO-Destination. E.g. KLAX to KJFK will be œKLAXKJFK.
Saved flight situations
- Flight situations saved before this version shouldnt be used an'ymore. Sorry for that.

- Multiple selections are now possible in the main window for erasing flight plans. Either mark the FPs to erase by
pressing CTRL + left mouse button or press shift + key down.

Heading Corrections
- PRO-ATC/X now recognizes and re-acts much better when a waypoint has been missed or if you are off-course.

- If you ever see AIRAC holdings when you go to DATA > SID STARS Procedures ; you will notice that they have two
zero fields; do not worry they are set during runtime.
- The next point expected is now displayed as a green dot on the moving map. Additionally the heading bug in the HSI
is pointing to the heading you are expected to fly to get to the next point.
- Entering methods are now considered (Direct/Parallel/TearDrop).
- Holdings are now announced a bit earlier (now 20 NM before reaching the holding).

Import of AIRAC data
- DME on SID/STAR fixed.
- Intercep Radial Fixes are now also added (INTC), if not closer than 3 NM to the target waypoint.
- Added the simulation selection box to the AIRAC data import window so that PRO-ATC/X reads the correct MakeRwys files.

- Magnetic deviation on a CRDWP is now considered correctly.
- Missed waypoints are now recognized as long as the distance to the waypoint is below 5 NM.
- Requ'esting for ˜Repeat last message Now always works even when requ'esting via the inflight menu (not by key 3).
- Added a direct key for the in-flight information, which is key ˜6 by default. If you have changed the key assignments
- You may now requ'est for a different SID-Transition if assigned and available.
itll be the next free key between ˜1..9.
- In USA/Canada altidudes between FL170 and FL190 are not an'ymore assigned (TRansition Altitude/Level roules).
- When Requ'esting for a different SID or STAR and more than 9 procedures are available, you may now click Next (>>)
and Back (<<) to see all precedures. Note that only procedures compatible to the route are displayed!
- Requ'esting for an alternate now works as it should, even while executing a missed approach. Same with emergencies.
- In the inflight menu the items Requ'est to initialize Descent and Cabin Crew prepare for take-off/landing have
been moved to Other Requ'ests.

In-Flight Options
- Added Authentic ATC On/Off as the Options menu is not accessible an'ymore during a flight.

Max Tailwind/Crosswind
- Max t'ailwind/Crosswind are now referencing the aircraft and not an'ymore the runway. To adjust simply edit
the values under Data->Aircraft->Aircraft Det'ails.

Moving Map
- While on ground the moving map is now updated each second (instead of each 3 seconds).
- The next point expected in a holding is now displayed as a red dot on the moving map. Additionally the heading bug in
the HSI is pointing to the heading you are expected to fly to get to the next point.

Options Window
- Added the option œSlower PC/Faster PC to the options window. If youre having issues with CTDs during the flight, you
may set the
slider accordinateurng to your hardware. If you dont have an'y issues, simply leave it at 50%
- On the Path to folders tab you may now define additional path for a default flight plan. Very handy if you have Add-Ons
using those flight plans.
- Flight situations can now be auto saved. Simply define a file name to be used and the interval in minutes. Note that the
file is overwritten and that saving only works when airborne while not cleared for the approach. This is to avoid conflicts
with different weather when re-loading the situation.

Saved Flight Situations
- The automatically saved situation is displayed in a different colour.
- Invalid fliles are displayed in Red/White.
- Now multiple situations with the same departure and destination airport and with the same state can be saved as
the date and time has been added to the filename.

Supported Aircarft
- The Wilco Falcon 7 has been added to the list of supported non-default aircraft.

Voice Set Changes:

Extensive modifications to phraseology - especially noticeable when tuned to Clearance Delivery and Approach. The phraseology is now much more in line with real world ATC communications. Some changes are subtle; some are not.

Includes the new controller and pilot voice sets (MadDog and CaptMadDog).

Man'y airline names have been fixed. British Airways is now "SpeedBird", American Airlines is now just "American", Swissair is just "Swiss", and man'y more! Some voice sets are more comprehensive than others. The Chip Barber, TH1, and V3 controller sets have significantly fewer phrases and callsigns.

AI Callsigns are better matched with popular AI packages such as My Traffic and Ultimate Traffic.

Voice sets have been normalized for better volume consistency. They are somewhat louder... so adjust the volume slider in Options>Sound as necessary.

Mixing of words from other voice sets with the currently active pilot or controller voice has been minimized to the maximum extent.

Tower now clears you for "takeoff" instead of "departure".

Departure Control no longer continues to reissue a SID procedure multiple times.

European controllers and pilots say "decimal" for radio frequencies, North Americans say "point"
La nouvelle version pas encore mais j'utilise le produit depuis quelque temps et j'en suis vraiment satisfait. Pas parfait mais pour qui vole offline entre latc par défaut, Radar contat et Pro-atc x mon choix va au dernier sans hésiter.
Apres avoir utilisé Pro ATCX pendant plusieurs mois, il y a quelques trucs qui me chiffone :

Quand lATC me parle je ne comprend strictement rien du tout, je suis donc obligé a chaque fois douvrir le panneau information pour avoir les instructions.

Et quand le Co-pilote mannonce les vitesses V1 et VR ils sont en décalage avec ceux rentré dans le CDU de Prosim

Sinon a part ça il est bien pour les clairances et les voix off ATC :)
latc a une voix de robot et parle trop vite c'est normal que tu comprends rien. un mode pour regler la vitesse de parole serait pas de refus
tu pourrais nous mettre un extrait audio
juste pour me faire une idée
En faite c'est surtout quand il me donne la SID, et les points de cheminement que je comprend rien, il parle trop vite.
Je vais utilisé la bande de texte pour mhabitué

Les voix ATC sont tres désagréables trop s'ynthetiques
Comprehension et rhytme OK (pour moi avec lhabitude)
Un des problemes c'est qu'il y a trop de monde qui parle ensemble
Le Chatter de fond (tres bon) ne sarrete pas quand lATC parle et les voix pilote et FO sont gênantes.
Si tu coupes les voix pilote et FO ca devrait aller mieux.

Au debut garde un papier crayon et note les chiffres et sigles à  repeter.
Impossible de tout memoriser sauf quand on fait ca tous les encore !
J'ai toujours un st'ylo et un papier.
Tu as raison le background est bon mais ne se coupe pas pendant les clairances. Je peux atténuer ce phénomène en augmentant le délai entre chaque "background"

Pour les voix pilotes tu parles quand le mien collationne ou ceux des autres avions ?
Le tien

Mes 2 $

J'utilise lATC FS par defaut (pas terrible mais bon) Aucune voix pilote, jecoute les instructions de lATC, je réponds verbalementet pousse la touche correspondante (pratiquement toujours 1) donc comme un Push to talk
(Jaffiche la boite de dialogue en tout petit en haut a gauche au cas ou)

Ex ATC: Canadian 772 contact Montreal Center on 1 3 5 decimal 1 5

Moi: Thirt'y five, fifteen, Canadian 772

135.15 sur le NAV

Moi: Montreal Center Good morning Canadian 772 with you, level 330 (en appuyant sur la touche)

ATC: Canadian 772 Roger

Avec lhabitude ca roule vite et ressemble pas mal à  la realité
Et tu peux toujors demander de repeter

Sur le video, avec toutes ces voix c'est le fouillis

Quant aux check lists , tu fais les deux. lis à  haute voix, agis, et reponds.. ca tient en forme
Ok je vais suivre tes conseils :)

Thirst'y five fift'y
Jaurais dit one three five point three five

Donc je demande et collationne moi même lATC pour prendre lhabitude,
Je désactive les voix Pilotes et Copilote,
Je laisse le band'eau au cas où,
Jaugmente lintervalle du background.

Pour le background, je sais que si ça parle je ne peux pas demander la clearance, donc j'ai un doute mais il me semble que le background ne parle pas pendant la clearance à  vérifier.

Je peux aussi choisir les voix du contrôleur, donc au pire je vire ceux qui font trop robot.
Bon j'ai viré ProATCx je repasse sur lATC de P3D, pas parfait mais les voix sont plus audible :)
laisse le au moins pour ton plan de vol, plus rapide et moins complexe que pfpx
Silverstar a dit:
Jaurais dit one three five point three five

En reponse frequence on omet tres souvent le 1 et on confirme en deux chiffres ex 135.15 reponse 35-15 (thirt'y five-fifteen)
Ecoute du réel, l'unité est omise le plus souvent.
bé non....juste pasionné ...voire obsédé (par le vol bien sur!)

Le comble c'est que je ne saurais pas quoi dire en francais
javoue que je suis de plus en plus passionné depuis que le simu devient de plus en plus complet :cool:
je suis pret a sauter dans le cockpit a la moindre occasion, ça te fait ça aussi?
Tu es sur la bonne voie!

Je viens de penser qu'avec ProAtc j'avais la SID et la STAR a la clairance, avec lATC de P3D il y a pas cela. Tu geres ça comment a la clairance?
Soit je pars direct avec les instructions simples de lATC (solution de feignant) soit je decide moi meme d'une STAR que je suis jusqua mon premier Waypoint et j'active alors seulement mon plan de vol.
Meme chose à  l'arrivée
ok reçu 5/5, je me trompe peut être mais tu dis "je rejoins la STAR jusqua mon premier waypoint", tu voulais dire SID?
Fuming kerosene mist.

Bon je vais peser le pour et le contre avec les histoires dATC.
Pro-ATC X me semble beaucoup plus complet mais les voix sont vraiment horribles.