X-Plane 11.40


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X-Plane 11.40 Release Candidate 1

We are moving towards the end of the beta period, so were minimizing the number of code and flight model changes at this point. If you havent tried your add on aircraft in 11.40 yetthe time is now!
This update cont'ains mostly tweaks to AI & ATC interaction to improve landings, replay sound improvements, and includes a few new datarefs requ'ested by devs .

bug fixes

New datarefs:
XPD-10269 GPU yime for debugging.
XPD-10347 Wing stalls.
XPD-10350 Access to 3-d proj matrix from 2-d UI call.
Tweaks to AI landings & interaction with ATC.
XPD-8169 DELTA and ABS DELTA replay properly in .snd files.
XPD-8754 Replay recreates wheel impact sounds.
XPD-10225 Critical altitude for electric motors.
XPD-10325 Replay recreates APU N1 for sound.

Beta 9
Body shadowing code improvements for speed with high numbers of FM iterations
X-Plane uses the right reynolds numbers for airfoils even if the order is entered backward in the .afl file.
XPD-10058 Added a link to the complete Gateway contributors list.
XPD-10342 The same IP and port must not mean the same app.
XPD-10349 Instanced objects go nuts when sim is paused.
XPD-10352 Stall speed fixed when experimental FM is off.
XPD-10354 Fixed NaN crash with AB412 Helicopter, when using zero size weapons.
XPD-10355 Fixed override_engines to not double engine forces.
XPGFS NOAA weather plugin 2.4.5 (mac-pc)

- Own METAR interpretation engine.
- 8 Layers of Wind data with 0.5x0.5 degree resolution.
- 8 Layers of Turbulence data.
- Selectable METAR source: NOAA, IVAO, VATSIM
- SuperSmoothness™: Interpolation between layers and smooth transitions between data updates.
- Performance tweaks: max visibilit'y limit, max cloud height

c'est peut-être moins précis quASxp mais gratuit et pas gourmand en fps !
Depuis quelques jours X-Plane 11.41 Release Candidate 1 update

  • Clearer error messages for issues with running on MacOS Catalina.
  • XPD-8791 Typo in command name: vacuum DG s'ync to magnetic north.
  • XPD-10381 Fix for ATC text display being overlaid with in-cockpit data output.
  • XPD-10382 Fix for Nimbus UH-1 manipulators.
  • XPD-10384 Fixed thermal ambient sink rate.
  • XPD-10387 Put back ground-speed 16x fuel consumption.
  • XPD-10391 Fix securit'y vulnerabilit'y.
  • XPD-10396 Fixed mic permissions on Mac.
  • XPD-10397 Sim can now start even with log files greater than 2GB.
  • XPD-10402 Fixed flap overspeed buffer.
  • XPD-10407 FIx for GPS missed approach at high elevation.